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Manage text changes in InDesign and InCopy. CtrlChanges is a plug-in for InDesign and InCopy users that require a clear and accurate solution to a common problem, to visually be able to see what has been changed in the document. Read more...

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plug-ins that enable a more efficient, and simplified, collaboration workflow solution between Adobe InDesign and InCopy - without compromising your creativity.

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The CrossTalk plugin for Adobe InCopy enables you to use InCopy the way many users expect it to work; open an INDD file, convert it to CrossTalk, edit (any) text, save and close...the way it ought to be. Read more...

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CtrlLayers is a plugin for InDesign users that require a smart and clever solution for expanding usability when working with layers. Use CtrlLayers, for example, to manage translations or your catalogue production. Read more...


CtrlCrossTalkID enables InDesign users to manage our popular CrossTalk workflow. CtrlCrossTalkID makes the collaboration between InDesign and InCopy users transparent. Read more...


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