CtrlSoftware products in Creative Cloud CC2015

on 28 July 2015. Posted in News

As you may have noticed Adobe has released Creative Cloud CC2015. This means that we will also release new versions of our products. End of July, begining of August our products will be updated to CC2015 starting with CtrlChanges CC2015

CtrlChanges, CtrlLayers, CtrlCrossTalk and CtrlCrossTalkID are plug-ins so new versions are needed when Adobe releses a new major version of InDesign/InCopy. CC = version 9.x of InDesign/InCopy, CC2014 = versoin 10.x and CC2015 = version 11.x. For CC2015 default behviour is that Adobe removes InDesign/InCopy CC2014 when installing CC2015. You need to go in under Advanced options and uncheck "Remove old versions" if you want your CC2014 versions left on your computer.

We are also starting to roll out subscription licensing, to correspond with Adobe's licensing for Creative Cloud.


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